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Our friends from Aotearoa came to visit us

After travelling to Aotearoa last year,it was our turn to receive our guest!

Thierry KOUMOETINI and the group TAKITOA prepared a welcoming ceremony at the Faaa airport.Our Maori firends stayed in the house of the family RURUA .After that,they went to Moorea to visit the Puna Reo.The children and the parents received them and organised a meal .

The Puna Reo made our maori friends visit the island of Moorea and its richnesses.They really enjoyed it despite the hot weather!

You can have a look at our pictures!

After having fun in Moorea ,they supported us at the assembly when the Puna Reo showed all the works it has done.Thanks to their helps,we succeeded in showing people a new ways of education for our  children in the tahitian language like the one it has been established in AOTEAROA with the maori language.

People really look interested because the maori education system in Aotearoa is a success .We can say the same thing about their  social life and the way they have been  managing their existing  ressources passed on to them by their ancestors!What the maori people are doing is  a great example for our country.But do we really  have the willingness to  take such measures or do we still go on dreaming?Our children are experiencing more and more difficulties.The situation of the families,the social life and the economy are deteriorating.

Our maori friends are organising a reception for the Puna Reo members in Aotearoa in order to teach them the way the maori people succeded !We really have to go there and learn from them.

You can have a look at some pictures !


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